Manager POS third party software

In earlier discussions @lubos mentioned that he will consider developing a third party software that will sit on Manager to help in point of sale printing through thermal printer for paper efficiency. When is it coming? @lubos

He never said anything about developing third-party software. He said there would be a plug-in architecture that would allow third-party software to interface with Manager. Recently, he has written that the plug-in capability is nearly ready. But the plug-in software will be your responsibility.

The plugin supporto has been recently announced:

Let’s see what it will bring!

Okay thanks for the clarification @Tut and @lubos we are patiently waiting for a solution to the thermal printer printing issue through the implementation of plugins. Thanks.

@Daniel_Arthur, you need to understand that plug-in capability will not fulfill your desire on its own. It will only make it feasible for you to add new features on your own. You will be responsible for any new feature.

I get that perfectly @Tut at least it will help some of us come up with a solution that will be easily integrated with manager.