Data Backup

Can I put my Data in USB device and from there Can open Directly ?

Mean, I want my USB Device my Data Server or Store. Please help this topics.

USB Memory Sticks while more reliable these days are not safe to use to store your data as your “server” for data. Memory Sticks should be used to transfer data from one computer to another, but again it is not intended to be used to transfer your accounting file from one computer to another.

If you need Manager to work on multiple computers, then either buy the server version or the cloud version not the desktop version. The amount of money that you save on the desktop version will be nothing compared to the amount of time and money that you will lose if the memory stick is damaged, corrupted, lost etc. Critical data like your accounting database should never be stored on a memory stick.

The cloud version sounds exactly like what you need as the data is accessible on any computer and is backed up.

I believe what @dalacor means is that a USB flash drive should not be used as a server to run the application from multiple computers. This would be very slow, regardless of the safety of the data. But as a method for transferring a data file to a different computer, a memory stick works fine. After all, if it doesn’t work, you can just try another method.

@dalacor is right, however. You should not run the application from the memory stick.

No I mean that I don’t recommend copying the data file from computer to memory stick and onto another computer (in addition to using it as a server). The reason being is that people will forget to update the second computer with the latest changes and I don’t think constant backing up and restoring is a very good way to manage your accounts.

I totally agree, @dalacor. I wasn’t clear enough. I meant only that using a memory stick is a workable method for transferring your data file to another computer–once–not as an alternative to using the server or cloud editions when you want to use Manager from multiple computers. I agree that constantly backing up and restoring as a way to have access to your file from multiple computers is very risky.