Manager on Solus OS

Hi, and thank you to the Manager group for making this a great application! I’m wondering if anyone has ever installed Manager on Solus OS, and if so; how did you do it? :grinning:

Thank you.


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This shows you how to extract debian packages and hopefully install Manager. Bear in mind that this is not recomended and may brick your system. Use at your peril.

Solus does not strictly speaking support Debian or RPM Packages so Manager may not work on your system. What I have linked to is a way to install it, but with no guarantee of success.


Why not submit Manager to Ikey and his team with a view to request it’s inclusion in Solus’ equivalent of repo’s.

I think you will find them very approachable people

Thank you for the suggestion. I have submitted the request. I hope Manager is picked up.

Thank you both for the suggestions.

Do you know if Manager has been included in the Solus software repo ?
I can’t locate a listing or a way to check this out as using a search term like Manager gets thousands of hits on Google etc and I have not found a listing of available software on the Solus site. I won’t attempt to use Solus until Manager is supported - my most important application. !

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Hi Len, I found the request you made to Solus re packaging the Manager application (adding .io worked to limit search results) - and it appears that they are not interested (with a term “Wontfix”)

As I mentioned on their forum - at the end of the only mention of - Manager is the most important piece of software and I would not change distributions unless it was supported. I saw mention of “flatpaks” not have any experience with these - I searched Managers forum and did not see any interest or intention to go this way - but will keep watching in case others have got “Solus and Manager to play nice”


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Why don’t you use Docker to install and keep manager updated?

Thank you Davide for the suggestion - I am trying to find out what Docker is - their official website describes most of what it is used for except a simple explanation of what it is in broad terms - I am searching YouTube now to get an idea of how it might work for the Solus Manager union (I am assuming it is not like a normal VM) and is a little like a sand-boxed environment within any linux distro - but that is after reading some high level info on their website - and I could have completely the wrong idea.