Manager Keeps Quitting

I’m new to your program and haven’t been able to download the software to my MacBook Pro. I’ve got the latest operating system installed, yet every time I try to gain access to Manager, a window pops up stating “Manager has unexpectedly quit”. This is frustrating, as I’d like to use your program, but am unable to gain access. I’ve read previous Forum threads, yet I’m still unable to proceed. Please advise. Thanks!

Is there more specific error?

Did you install according to the Guide: Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager?

Yes. I installed based on the Mac version as shown on the home screen for Manager.oi
Please find the attached screenshot of the error shown when I try to try to open Manager.

Thank you,

Your operating system does not meet the minimum requirements for running Manager. You are using OS X 10.12.6. This is many years and four major releases of macOS from being the “latest operating system.” Minimum requirements shown on the Download page are:

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 7.25.44 AM