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I have most gratefully used Manager for my not for profit activities.

I know I always receive good advice and help and the software is excellent for my purposes but where, why and how is it developed, supported and paid for? There is no such thing as a free lunch and I feel those that can contriubute a donation/payment should for the good of the community. I have found nothing to enlighten me on this so could someone provide a little explanation.
If not a big thank you for all your efforts for the global good.

Many thanks

John Gallagher

developed: · GitHub
paid for: by the cloud edition (I think at least)


The software is developed and distributed by NGSoftware Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia. NGSoftware follows the “Freemium” business model. (You can Google that.) The desktop edition is free. Premium editions (server and cloud) cost money. (Look at the web site.)

If you want to contribute financially, buy a server license or subscribe to the cloud edition. Do not confuse Manager with some open-source collaboration project for the good of mankind. While some of its policies are remarkably user-friendly, NGSoftware is a profit-making venture with several crowd-sourced characteristics.