interface very slow?

Manager on my PC has gotten super slow and I am unsure how to effectively troubleshoot. This has been going on through multiple OS and Manager updates. Typing in text boxes and clicking tabs on the side is slow to respond, taking seconds to finish the typing or to actually select\click the tab.

Using Arch Linux, updated and rebooted frequently. Manager version 20.5.32, although this issue is not specific to this version, rather the last few versions updated. I’ve been dealing with this for a few months now, and it is making my accounting time that much more painful! :slight_smile:

Here is an uploaded screen capture showing some sample data entry and navigation to show what I am seeing,

Other apps on the PC are functioning normally.

Update your software. Manager has a new general ledger engine. One of its purposes is specifically to speed up performance.

Running the AppImage 20.6.15 and it might be a small bit faster, like 10% faster? Still very, very, very slow.

Are there any logs I can consult that might help me out in figure out why this app is acting up?

Here is an updated screen capture of this behavior after update,


I know nothing about Linux.

That makes two :slight_smile:

@dr00bie are you able to live boot Arch Linux from CD or USB? I’m curirous how Manager would perform on live booted Arch Linux

Good question @Lubos – I will give that a go a bit later and see if I can get it going. I will report back what I find.

Although I’ve had an unbelievably good experience with Arch, I’ve had the same (albeit, updated frequently) install since 2013 (cloned to new drive 2 years ago). :slight_smile: It might be time for me to format and do a clean reinstall.

Following up here. I was never able to speed up Manager in Arch, I have the same problem with a few other applications (Spotify is one), and I am not able to troubleshoot effectively.

However, I have been using an Ubuntu virtual machine and it is working fine at the moment.