Manager for Import/Export Manufacturing Factory


We are an apparel manufacturing company and all of our products are exported to different countries. We also need to import raw materials from different companies.

Can someone let me know if MANAGER is suitable for our business?

@khayyamsethi, Hello, Why not? It is a complete package solution very suitable for manufacturing business too. We are also using this software for our manufacturing business.

For your export buyers, you can use Customers Tab and for Import Related, you can use Supplier for your purchases. Once the import is complete, you can use the goods receipt for receive goods in a location @ average imported price in equation to make the supplier balance “zero” for that particular imported consignment.


Yes, Manager is suitable. It is used by many businesses that import, export, and manufacture. It handles multiple currencies. How you set up the features of the program and design your chart of accounts will be important. Read the Guides and experiment with a test company before creating your real record.