Manager desktop crashes when I click on "Find & recode"

Manager Edition: Desktop
Manager Version: 20.9.15
System: macOS Catalina 10.15.3

The title sums it up, manager desktop crashes whenever I click on “Find & recode” in the “Receipts & Payments” tab. This also happens on the last step of “Import Bank Statement”, which I suppose is also the “Find & recode” step.

I understand this might not be much to debug the issue, but I would need some direction to provide more info.

I think you probably mean version 20.9.15, since that is currently the latest version.

I cannot reproduce this. But I am on macOS v10.15.6. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Thats correct, I made a typo, its v20.9.15. Fixed it now.

And correct again, it’s difficult to reproduce, since if I create a new business and try the functionality there, it works perfectly. I believe the issue is in the data of my current business, which makes it tough to reproduce.

Hence, I’m looking for some approach to debug it at my end (maybe by looking at some logs) and then provide a reproducible issue here. Any direction for this would be helpful.

How does it crash? Do you mean

  • a Manager error message is displayed, if so a screen capture of it is likely to help the most

  • A Mac error message is displayed, again a screen shot may help

  • Manager just stops responding, A process monitor display may help

  • The Mac crashes and stops responding

No error messages, just that Manager closes immediately.

I have managed to find the issue. It occurs when I have a custom control account for employees and also have employees mapped to that custom account.
Here are the steps to reproduce the issue.

  1. Create a new business.
  2. Enable these tabs: Bank accounts, Receipts & Payments, Employees.
  3. Go to tab “Settings” >> “Control Accounts”
  4. Create a “New Control Account” for “Employees”
  5. Go to tab “Employees”
  6. Create a new employee and set “Control account” for this employee to the one created in step (4)
  7. Go to tab “Receipts & Payments” and click on “Find & recode”
  8. Manager should have crashed at step (7)

Attaching a sample test business with this post. You import it and just go directly to step (7) above.

Test Business (2020-09-10).manager (48 KB)

Very interesting, @shobhit. I must congratulate you on figuring this out. I cannot imagine how you determined the combination of parameters to cause this. But I can reproduce the bug and have moved this topic to the bugs category.

The strange thing is that your single receipt has nothing to do with the employee. Yet, if you delete the employee or assign the employee to the default Employee clearing account, Find & Recode works correctly.

Further experimentation shows that if you create another employee assigned to the default Employee clearing account, Find & Recode works, too. This is true despite one employee being assigned to the custom control account.

Thank you! But I must confess, I had seen a similar issue a few months back and took cue from there.

Your second insight is really helpful. It seems that “Find & recode” crashes the app only when all the employees are part of a custom control account. Even if there is one employee on the default Employee clearing account the app doesn’t crash. So, for the time being, I’ve added a temporary employee with default clearing account and everything works fine :slight_smile:

I did some more testing. So far as I can tell, the problem is limited to employees all being assigned to a custom control account. I set up a situation with customers assigned to a custom control account and had no problem. I did the same with a fixed asset and still no problem. But as soon as I switched all employees back to a custom control account, the crash occurred.

Fixed in the latest version (20.10.85)

Thanks @lubos :slight_smile: Confirming this issue to be fixed. Whatever you did also solved another thread which I had posted recently, so thats a bonus!