Manager crashes on loading data

Hi there,

I can start Manager, but unable to open any data file linux - Manager crashes on opening.


Manager - the latest
Linux - Manjaro
gcc - 11.1.0-1

Any ideas on that?


read below topic.

Unfortunately that didn’t work.
gtk3 I have is 3.24.30

Hi @lubos
May I ask your help with this please?
I have Manjaro distro and after last update I’m unable to open data files with Manager.
As I understand, problem is in GTK3 library. I don’t keep cache, so unable to downgrade. Besides that, I’ve been advice against doing this in Manjaro forums.
As a solution they advice to compile GTK3 with tracker3=false flag.
I would be able to do this, but I have no time nor want to brake anything.

So is there any other possible solution to make Manager work again?
As a workaround I’m using Mint, but all my files sit on Manjaro and constant switching back and forth is bit annoying.


Here is a compiled one for you