Web Macro Player - automate bank statement importing into Manager

Over the weekend I made a little tool to assist with bank statement importing into Manager.

It works by taking control of Chrome web-browser and executing your commands to retrieve bank statement from your internet banking site and then uploading it to the right bank account in Manager.

It’s secure because you are not sharing your internet banking password with anyone. The program runs locally on your computer. There is also an option not to make password as part of your macro so when downloading bank statement, you can enter password on demand.


Currently this app works on Windows only but I will make it available for Mac and Linux too at some point.

Download for Windows: WebMacroPlayer.msi

You need to have Google Chrome 74 installed on your computer.


To demonstrate how the program works, it contains sample macro:

When I click Run button, it starts Google Chrome and loads online banking demo login screen:

The macro will enter information into fields and clicks Login button, then proceeds to download the bank statement. After download is complete, it will login into demo accounting software login screen to upload bank statement.

Obviously for your purposes, you will need to change the macro to retrieve bank statement from real online banking site. Then load URL of screen where the bank statement can be uploaded within Manager.

If you are using desktop edition, then you don’t need to login. Just make your macro to navigate directly to URL of import bank statement screen which will start with:



Macro language supports 6 commands.

  • LOAD


This command will load URL.

LOAD https://www.google.com

This command will click on HTML element. You can either pass XPath expression or ID of element.

CLICK #login
CLICK //*[text()="Login"]
CLICK /html/body/div/form/input[@type="submit"]


SELECT command is used to select input fields to which you want to write some text. You can either pass XPath expression or ID of element. Then use ENTER command to enter text into selected field.

SELECT #username
ENTER myusername

SELECT #password
ENTER mypassword


DOWNLOAD command is used to set filename for downloaded file after clicking a link or button.

CLICK #download-link
DOWNLOAD BankStatement.qif


UPLOAD command is used to set filename on <input type="file"> field.

SELECT #file
UPLOAD BankStatement.qif

Is the WebMacroPlayer.msi still available? I get a “This site cannot be reached” error when I click on the link.