How to update Ubuntu desktop edition


Tried to update using the Manager-x86_64.AppImage download. It runs. However when I try to launch Manager from desktop I get:

“Your database has been upgraded to the latest version while your desktop edition is still an older version. Upgrade desktop edition to the latest version which will resolve this issue. This usually happens when you install server edition of newer version on the same computer.”

So how to “Upgrade desktop edition…”? I’ve looked for guides and see them for Windows & macOS, but not Ubuntu/Linux. Tried to find a .deb download; no luck.

Any guidance?


Install it just like a new installation. Do not uninstall anything first. The AppImage is the only form of download now available.

Thanks. Guess the vestiges of the desktop version are just sort of zombies now…

No, the desktop edition is still what you are downloading. The AppImage is just the method of distribution for Linux, the same way a disk image is the method for the macOS version, and the Microsoft installer is the method for Windows.