Making Special Accounts Inactive

I would like to request that special accounts also have an option to make them inactive.

The reason I’m requesting this is because I run a real estate business and each property transaction gets a special account created for that transaction. Now when the property transactions are finished they are piling up in my special accounts section. I regularly check through this section to see if something does not balance and this list gets longer.

If I have the option to make an account inactive when it is finished then I do not have to go through such a big list. This list is growing on a daily basis and in 2 years time might be more than 5000 transactions.

Until inactive is available, you could add a “z” to the start of the inactive accounts and that will spend to the bottom of the list.

Also, you could create a 2nd custom control account (completed transactions) so that when a property transaction is completed you just change the control account, then you will have only active property transactions under the main custom control account…

Thank you Brucanna, I will implement your second suggestion.

Added to the latest version (18.5.74)