Allow custom control accounts to be marked as "inactive"

I am treasurer for a very small school. I have the student accounts set up as “customers”. Each year students graduate or leave. I have marked these accounts as “Inactive”, but they still show up on the detailed Balance Sheet. I can imagine the amount of “Inactive” students that will be accumulating on that report over the coming years! The screenshot of the Balance Sheet shows the “Inactive Accounts” roughly circled in red. Is there a way to archive those accounts somewhere, so they will not show up on the reports? I have to manually remove them. I have researched the Guides, and the Forum, but certainly could have missed an answer. Thank you for your time and assistance. The version of Manager I am using is Desktop 22.1.19

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In addition to students as Customer you also seem to have setup Student Accounts for each student as Customers would not show in the Balance Sheet. You should make these Student Accounts also inactive in the Chart of Accounts (under settings → Chart of Accounts → Edit each student account you want to be inactive.)

Yes, I set up Control Accounts for each Customer/Student so that those accounts would show up on the Balance Sheet. I did follow your suggestion for editing each student account under the Chart of Accounts, that I want to be inactive. However, as you can see in the screen shot, there is no option for setting as inactive. I also went to the Control Accounts, and again, no option for inactive setting. Of course, I cannot delete these inactive accounts since there is data connected with them. I would just like to be able to archive them somewhere so they don’t show up on the reports. Only the active students should be listed, I would think. Thank you!

@sharline, I recommend you rethink the structure of your entire chart of accounts. It is generally very poor practice to include temporary accounts in your chart, for the very reason you are experiencing. They will be with you forever.

I think you are right. I have a board that likes to see the status of the student accounts. I will try to figure out a different way to do that. I was hoping to keep down on the number of reports by consolidating into one, but maybe not the best idea. Thank you!

@Sharline there is a checkbox on Balance Sheet report.


This will eliminate all accounts from your report that have zero balances.

But I think this could be improved further. If account is inactive and has no balance, it doesn’t have to show on these reports even if Exclude zero balances is unchecked.

Yes, I’m aware of the “Exclude zero balances” check box. However, I want to show all active accounts even if they have a zero account. It just seems to me that inactive accounts shouldn’t show up on any current reports. I haven’t had a chance yet, to explore if there is a way for me to archive all the old accounts, so they don’t show up, or to come up with a new custom report showing only the currently active customer/student accounts. Thank you!

Well. They actually don’t. You can create custom balance sheet account in your chart of accounts, make it inactive and then check your balance sheet to see it won’t be there.

It’s just that not all accounts can be marked as “inactive” yet. In your case, you want to be able to mark control accounts as inactive. Correct?

Yes, that would be helpful.

OK. I have renamed the topic and moved to ideas.

Added to the latest version (22.6.1)


Thank you so much!

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