Make Currency Inactive

Has this been raised before? I have searched the forum but can’t find anything.

I have some currencies set up that I have not used in my business for five or more years. The currency balances are zero so I don’t need to update any exchange rates.

Whenever I look at my accounts receivable or accounts payable balance it lists the amounts by currency. Is there any way I can mark the currencies as inactive so that they no longer appear in the lists?

If you never transacted in a particular foreign currency you should just delete it. Making a currency inactive would affect all the accounting, customers, suppliers, etc. and will void any audit as you would have used / traded with that currency affecting P&L and Balance Sheet.

I think you misunderstand. I would like to make some zero balance currencies inactive in the same way that I have zero balance bank accounts, zero balance customers and zero balance suppliers that I no longer use. All the historical transactions remain and if I wanted to start using the currency again I would make it active with an up-to-date exchange rate.

It’s not a big issue. Just a way of tidying things up.

From an accounting perspective it is a big issue, even if the balance is zero in the summary. As you want to tidy up why not create a new control account such as Inactive Bank Accounts and edit the respective bank accounts to use that control account. As you do not want to trade for the time being in these bank accounts you can make each of those inactive as well. This preserves all and reduces the amount of bank accounts shown.

Added to the latest version (22.7.13)

Making currency inactive is no different from making customer or supplier inactive.


Perfect! Thanks @lubos