Making Account Permanent

How can change an account from suspense account to another account and make it permanent. Example making sales account permanent whenever invoice is issued.

Transactions appear in the Suspense account only when something has been entered incorrectly. They appear there so they are not lost, but you need to find the source of the error. Very likely, you have not entered equal debits and credits as required by double-entry accounting. If you do not understand these principles, I recommend

Once you understand how double-entry accounting works, click on the blue balance for Suspense and examine all the transactions that appear to find the error(s).

Tut thank you so much. Your answers have been very helpful but it seems you did not understand me well in this one. You know for instance that when you want to issue a new invoice, there a column that is Account which when you click it will bring out all the accounts then you will select one for instance sales or any other one depending on the transaction. My question now is how can I make it that once I am issuing an invoice that that Account column will automatically bring out Sales only instead of bringing out different accounts and then allowing me to chose. Something like making sales account a default account once issuing an invoice so that Manager does not have to ask me gain which Account.
I hope I made myself clearer now. Please I am expecting your reply.

It’s not possible to set default account for line items but it is something I’m planning to add.

Ok thanks.