Make report for Customs office with sum of liters per TARIC code

The situation is:
For a shop that sells wine, the Unit name in Inventory Item is “Bottle”.

For sustoms office, it is necessary to publish a report of the sold liters per TARIC code.
TARIC codes are 5 in number and each bottle of wine, depending on what wine is inside, is categorized in one of these 5 categories of TARIC code.

I have already put a custom field for TARIC code and another for Liters in each Inventory Item.

The question is how to make a Report for the Customs Office, where it will present the TARIC code and the sum of the corresponding sold liters for this TARIC code, based on the Sales Invoices.

Thank you in advance!

you can create a report on sales invoice totals by custom fields.

read the below topic.

Thanks for your fast reply!

The above post didn’t help enough in my situation.

I want to get sums per liters sold (it is a custom field) , I am not interested in the amount in money that this reports.

Please see the picture below:

ok now i understood.

in your case you will have to create the inventory unit in litres, which is 0.75 litres and not as bottle.
then create the bottle as an inventory kit with bill of materials 0.75 litres.
when making invoice select the inventory kit.

now you can check the Inventory Quantity Movement under Reports.

for report based on TARIC, you can set the TARIC as inventory locations and then you can check the Inventory Quantity by Location report.
please understand that this is only a workaround.

@WINES, also understand that custom fields are currently handled only as text. So Manager cannot perform calculations on custom fields. However, you could use your current setup, where TARIC codes are custom fields, and export the sales report. Then, in a spreadsheet, convert the text to numbers and manipulate them there. This will also give you more flexibility to sort, group, or add other information desired by the customs office.

To give some more info, this is exactly the categorization of wine:

TARIC 1300014400: all white bottled wines, including the separate 0,187ltrs, 0,375ltrs, 0,75ltrs, 1,5ltrs
TARIC 1300014600: all red bottled wines, including the separate 0,187ltrs, 0,375ltrs, 0,75ltrs, 1,5ltrs
and so on…

Ok, lets make liters the unit, the sales report will again sum the amount of money, won’t it?

Yes. The sales reports list sales (monetary amount sole), not quantities. That is why I said you would have to export and manipulate in a spreadsheet. But there is also the Inventory Quantity Movement report that might give you what you need without further intervention. Just define inventory items by their bottle size. So a 1.5 L bottle would be a different inventory item than the 0.75 L bottle of the same wine.

Hello again and thanks for your replies up to now.
I realize that if I change the unit to liters, I will lose the relation between each bottle sold and its price.
I sell in price per bottle, not price per liter.
So I keep want both bottles and liters per product in the invoice.

Could you advice?

as already suggested earlier make the inventory item in litres and make an inventory kit where a unit of bottle equals 0.75 litres of the inventory item.
when making the invoice select only the inventory kit.

Personally, I would not use inventory kits. Given what @WINES wants to do, I would use custom fields and export a file when it is time for government filings. Use features of the spreadsheet program to convert liters in text to numbers and calculate totals. This is the reason Manager allows exporting of reports. It is impossible to anticipate every government filing requirement and every business’ desires for analysis.