Make batch view to work with reports

Again, Desktop version 21.8.27, Windows 10 64-bit

Select a number of Profit & Loss reports, click on Batch Print and you get a blank page

This is same for Balance Sheet report and a few others I tried.

I can reproduce this, but only for reports, as the title suggests.

It is worth noting that the Batch PDF function that Batch Print replaces was not yet implemented for reports, despite inclusion of the Batch PDF function beneath report lists. So this is not a loss of capability. Nevertheless, it is unexpected behavior when encountered by the user.

I’ll move this under ideas. This was never supported but I do think every screen which has View buttons should be able to produce Batch view as well. There is a bit more work to do to make this happen.

The option Batch Print should be hidden so, until such time as it is available

I am confused, why is there than a Batch Print option under each report tab? The issue is that the batch print option is not working, there is no request for a batch view option.

Added to the latest version (21.8.58)

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