Batch PDF is not working

Batch PDF is not working

batch pdf
I tried it many times by 100, by 50’s even by 10’s but its really not working

Version and edition number?

Batch PDF of what?

Operating system?

What actually happens along with a screenshot?

In the latest version (21.8.26) Batch PDF is replaced with Batch Print.

On batch print screen, use Print button to save to PDF.


Batch PDF was working for users. Now with Batch Print this message appear : “You are not authorised to access this part of the system. Contact your administrator to elevate your permissions.”

When do you get this message ?

Explain each step and illustrate with a screen shot.
Also what OS are you using?

Thank you Lubos, problem solved.

This massage appears for a user with a limited access when trying to do Batch Print.
Previously, The same user was able to do Batch PDF with no issue.

I am using Cloud Version on Mac