Maintaining time registration in

Hi all,

my R&D department registers time in excel.

  • multiple projects
  • billable but also non-billable
  • miscellaneous activity types

any suggestions how to maintain this in
if there is a method, is importing also a possibility?

Manager only has the ability to record billable time. It is not a time clock. But billable time entries can include project identification and activity type with custom fields.

What do you mean registers time in excel?

If the same R&D Department doing multiple projects Is better to create Business files per projects instead lump them together. In the end of the project. you might want to capitalize the cost as asset for the final product.

Then you have Tracker Code Feature to trace the transactions for user-defined label. Read the guide. If the idea handling multiple business file is troublesome for you.

by registering time in excel I simply mean that each employee makes a list in excel in which the project is maintained, the type of activity by project is maintained and how many hours are spent. Not only billable hours, but also non-billable hours.

I am aware of the tracker code feature.

I saw the billable time option. But hoped that there was a feature that meets my requirements more, as well as a user friendly method to register time spendings in

thanks for your response

t.u. Tut. I think this answers my question

@John2, I think you have to accept the fact that very few organizations allow employees to record time directly to their accounting systems. Some integrated human resource and accounting packages certainly appear to offer such capability, but none that I know of allow direct employee access to the actual accounts for time entry. They are instead showing coordinated input screens that may look like the rest of the package, but route the inputs through various screening and approval processes before anything touches the actual financial books. And, of course, they tend to be very expensive. In my experience, a much more common practice is submission of a “time card” in some form (typically electronic these days) to a supervisor for approval, then separate entry into accounting for eventual invoicing.