MacOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon


With Apple announcing the shift to a new processor for the Mac, how will this affect those who use Manager on the Mac platform. The shift from 32 bit to 64 bit MacOS caused a hiccup where some users couldn’t use Manager for awhile. I am wondering if preparations are being made for the shift.

The temporary problems a few months ago affecting macOS were not related to a shift from 32 to 64-bit architecture. One was related to introduction of the dark mode. The other was due to Apple’s tightening of requirements for notarization of software run on Catalina (v10.15). Neither prevented use of Manager. The program could be used in regular mode. And an extra step built into macOS allowed security authorization by the user (once per downloaded update).


Thanks. What does regular mode mean? Also with change in processors by year end and if I get the new mac with the new processors will it be supported?

It is what Apple calls Light Mode under Appearance preferences. It used to be the only mode.

I don’t know. I’m not the developer. But I don’t see why not. The issue will not be the hardware but compatibility of new versions of the operating system with applications. Apple maintained compatibility with 32-bit applications for many years after switching to 64-bit processors. They cannot afford to turn their backs on thousands of applications.

Realistically, you do not have many options. Most accounting programs are not available in Mac versions. And Manager isn’t actually a Mac program to begin with. It operates as a web browser, even in the desktop edition. It runs the same program software on all platforms. On the Mac, it does that using Mono.

If you feel the need to worry about something, worry about whether the developer will stay in business, not whether the program will run on your new Mac. That’s more likely to be a long-term risk than hardware incompatibility.