Is manager apple silicon compatible?


I’m thinking of upgrading to an apple silicon Mac and wonder if Manager is compatible. I searched the forum but can not find anything.


This is a very good question.

I don’t have an Apple Silicon MacBook to test with, but I’m replying in part so that I can keep up to date on this and find out once someone else responds.

My understanding is that it would need to be made compatible, and therefore if nothing has been mentioned previously in the changelog, it will likely not work automatically.

I saw in an other thread that Manager uses Mono and maybe that is compatible. Didn’t find anything though…

If you are referring to the Apple M1 chip, there are many successful users. There were some initial problems for some users with macOS v11 (Big Sur), but those were worked out long ago.

Tut: Thanks. Yes I was referring to M1 macs. Do you know if there have been any testing on Monterey for Manager?

I don’t know.