Mac is upgrading the O/S to 64 bit Catalina soon

Hi all, new member here.
Mac is upgrading the O/S to a 64 bit O/S thus making my MYOB Account Edge Pro non functional.
I’m looking for a desktop software package and Manager looks pretty good for my needs (sole trader in construction industry).
Firstly will Manager run on a 64 bit O/S when I upgrade to Catalina?
Secondly I have searched the forum and the topics re importing data from MYOB are from 2016/17 dates, has there been any upgrades made to enable importing MYOB data in the current version of Manager?

Thanks in advance.

Manager already runs on 64 bit OS’s. Whether there will be issues with Catalina must await release. If there are any, they will be addressed quickly. But Manager is a browser, even in the desktop edition, so there is a known workaround for major problems that was used temporarily for the last major release.

There is no way to import all your old data. Accounting program structures are too different. The approach is to migrate balances as of the transition date. You can also use batch operations to import things like customer lists after manipulation in a spreadsheet.

Thanks Tut,

Will just have to give Manager a try and go from there.

BTW I could re-enter the data from July til now, it isn’t a major task.

Then you would enter closing balances from the end of June and move ahead from there.

I have just upgraded to MacOS Catalina. Manager is not working right on MacOS Catalina. I can open it. Error message says Manager needs to be updated to work with MacOs Catalina.
Any help?. Thanks

What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version of Manager are you using?

My version is 19.7.47

desktop version 19.7.47
Update to my earlier reply
I just downloaded the desktop version 19.10.13 but cannot open it. Error message says
'“Manager” can’t open because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.
Am I doing something wrong?

Update your Manager software. You are almost 100 versions behind. Newer versions have been reported to work fine with Catalina. Please let us know the result.

Have a look here:
It appears that the version you’re trying to install has problems with signing or notarization. If it’s the latest version as you indicated, it shouldn’t.

I found a work around the problem. It is now working. Thanks a lot

What was the workaround? If there is really a problem, thousands of Manager users will be encountering it shortly as they update to Catalina.

I got the same message but Manager did open and it is Ver 19.10.13

How could you get a message saying Manager could not open if the program opened?

Using version 19.10.13 had the same issue, repeated to open the app a couple of times and it comes up with a different warning which lets you overide if you click that you trust the app software.

I have version 19.10.15 and it comes up with the same error message that it cannot be checked for malicious software

I updated to macOS 10.15 (Catalina) last night. It launched Manager v19.10.15 on the first attempt with no error message.

@SSD, where did you download your copy of Manager from? Did you try launching again, as @Wal described above?

I also have Catalina since last night. This happened to me while installing the free version, directly downloaded from the Manager website.
After downloading, using Firefox, the file manager.dmg was saved in the folder “Downloads”. Opening by clicking the file within Firefox gives:

So Manager cannot be opened by the system.

However, if you go to the folder where the file manager.dmg was saved, and double click the file the system says:

Now you have the option to click on [Open] although it is greyed out. So, be bold ;-), click on [Open] and now Manager will open, at least on my system.

You could also have placed the [] in the folder [Apps], after extracting Manager.dmg.
If you double click [] it will give you no opportunity to open [], exactly like described above.
However, if you click once and then click [Open] in the menu, you will get a dialogue in which you can click on [Open], which button is not greyed out now.

Manager is not intended to be opened by clicking the downloaded bundle. Install it first in the Applications folder according to these instructions:

You are quite right Tut, the guide indeed shows the normal way of installing software.

However, for some reason, if I follow the instructions shown by the guide I get, by double-clicking on

So, the system won’t open the app.

When I once click on [], instead of double-clicking, a menu appears:

Clicking on [Open] gives me a dialogue with a grey [Open]-button.
Clicking on the [Open] button does open the

After closing and opening the again, opens normally.

Untill now I have no idea why the Apple system does respond in this way, which is different of what is mentioned in the guide.