Mac os server - zsh killed ./ManagerServer

Hello all, I’ve installed the arm server version for mac and tried to opened in via terminal, but nothing worked, i also disabled the unverified developers in the setting and using the command:
sudo spctl --master-disable

after running ./ManagerServer it gives me this
zsh: killed ./ManagerServer

also if i try to open it by clicking on ManagerServer it gives me this

any solution?

Did you follow the instructions on Mac | Manager ? Especially to navigate to the installation folder in terminal and then launch using: .ManagerServer (do not forget the . )

yes the same, the first time after doinwloading it, it popped up with the “unverified developer”
but then it just keeping saying zhs: killed

@Lubos note that I can replicate and not resolve the problem on a local Mac M1 with Ventura 13.6.3
Most likely it is a code sign error can you please review.

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specs here:
MacBook Air M1 - 14.0 Sonoma

is there any solution for this? @lubos