Lost item from Expense account liability

Hi, I recorded a number of expense items on an individual expense payee account which has been held in Liabilities pending payment. I made the payment to the payee today and all the items except one were reallocated from the Liabilities to the individual expense subheads. I have highlighted the item on the screenshot which was a postage expense incurred on 30/5/18. I can only assume that it may be because its dated 30/5/18 and the set up of the Accounts start date was from 1/6/18. The issue is that if I change the date on the transaction to 1/6 it duplicates the transaction and puts the 1/6 version in the Liabilities. Alternatively I could change the start date to 30/5/18 to see if that would work but would prefer not to since our year starts on 1 June. Has anyone any idea where the original 30/5/18 transaction has become hidden?

When posting screen images, it helps to post the full screen as otherwise it isn’t always clear what you are looking at.

Your Summary Page shows that the period starts on 30/05/18 and not 01/06/2018

If you started recording transactions from 1st June then that’s your start date and you should have entered starting balances for the accounts.

You would need to post your starting balances screen

Presumably the expense claim dated 30/05/82018 was not posted to the previous year’s accounts. You will have to date it 01/06/2018 and keep a note on file as to why it wasn’t posted to previous year.

Also post images of the edit transaction for any transactions you have a query about as the full information is often not shown in a list view or on view form

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There are several issues involved here:

  1. Your software should be updated. I can tell this because you still have the Set Period button instead of an Edit button on the Summary page.

  2. You wrote confusing things about the start date. There are two dates you might be referring to. One is set under Starting Balances in the Settings tab. It should only be used if you are migrating to Manager from a previous accounting system. Then, as @Joe91 wrote, you need to enter starting balances. See https://www.manager.io/guides/15718. The other date you might be referring to is the display period for the Summary page. Technically, this is the From date. It should be used to specify the beginning of the current accounting period. In the first case, Manager will completely ignore transactions before the Start Date, no matter where they were posted. In the second case, Manager will ignore them for income or expense accounts, but include them for balance sheet accounts (because those are perpetual). You wrote that your start date (whatever you meant) was 01/06/2018, but your Summary page is set up for 30/05/2018. Depending on whether you entered a true Start Date under Starting Balances, your transaction might or might not be included.

  3. You wrote: “The issue is that if I change the date on the transaction to 1/6 it duplicates the transaction and puts the 1/6 version in the Liabilities.” Here, you have not explained how you are changing the date. Nor have you clarified how this relates to your date for paying the expense claim payer. If you’ve already paid the payer for the balance of your liabilities to him/her, then change an expense claim date to fall within the range considered by Manager, you have effectively added a transaction.

  4. You asked, “Has anyone any idea where the original 30/5/18 transaction has become hidden?” It is not hidden. It is simply being ignored whenever it falls outside the range of dates being considered by Manager. If you look in the Expense Claims tab, it will still be listed.

The bottom line is that transactions are not counted for dates before the organization starts business. If a liability from earlier is assumed by the business at commencement of operations, it must be entered as a starting balance.

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Thanks both. I thought I had updated the software recently which is version 18.10.36 but obviously its not the latest since I’ve just downloaded 18.10.86. Is there a way for me to get automatic updates please or do I just need to keep looking?

On trying to open the download I got the following error:


There is no automatic update capability, since most users would not want their accounting software updated without their knowledge. (The cloud edition is the exception. It is always up to date unless frozen during rollout of major new features.)

The Releases page does not announce every update, since most are internal improvements not noticeable by users. Your version was only about 2 weeks old, but still, 50 changes had occurred.

Normally, there is no need to update unless the Releases page announces something you specifically want. A monthly update cycle should normally be more than adequate. But definitely update if you have a problem, because answers from forum moderators will be in the context of recent versions. As a matter of interest, no change in the last five years had anything to do with the behavior you were questioning, even though procedures for entering start dates and starting balances have been simplified and consolidated.

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Thanks Tut. Any thoughts on the error message please? Fort example, do i need to delete the earlier version?

Have deleted the earlier version and all now working fine. I also removed the start date which has resolved the earlier problem re the ‘lost’ expense item.

Thanks again for your help.