Starting balance from expense claim

I have small issue with the starting balance from expense claims.
Business start date is 01.01.2016. All another starting balances are OK. Now I have difference by expense claims in amount of 16 euros.
Look at the transaction here:

By the list view I can see it:

But by the expense claims summary I cant see it, also by the starting balances report:

So what is wrong?

With kind regards

What type of account is the “Lahetuste kulud”, the Expense Claims Summary only shows Assets & Liabilities.

Change the Expenses Claims Summary dates to 1.01.2010 to “31.12.2015” and check the results.

“Lahetuste kulud” - its regular costs account. Actually it dosent matter by the costs account by the starting balances.

As I understand by the expense claims are not starting balances built in or am i wrong.

Expenses Claims Summary dates to 1.01.2010 to “31.12.2015” and check the results > no results, its 0.

You say the business start date 1.01.2016, yet the transaction date is 19.08.2011 ?? Do you mean Summary page Set Period? If your Set Period date is 1.01.2016, it will only show BS accounts not P&L accounts, “Lahetuste kulud” is a P&L account

What is your Set Period date? Change it to 1.01.2010 and run the report again ending 31.12.2015
Are you trying to do opening balances or expense claims ??

Expense claims summary report is a bit misleading. It doesn’t shows summary across all expense claims. Only for expense claims which are paid by “expense claims payers”. So expense claims by capital accounts or employees are excluded.