Lost bankimports, invoices after update

After updating today I lost my bank import from march untill now, invoices are gone and hell knows what more is missing.
Is there a possibillity to get them all back?

The data is probably not lost. Manager is good about that.

If it has been a while since you last updated, recent changes may have caused Manager to pick up an old copy of your business file. You may need to import the latest version of your business file.

There is a troubleshooting guide here:Lost businesses or recent data after upgrading
Thanks @Abeiku

And try reading through this post: Added budgeting (+ going back to Application Data folder).

This link is not functioning please

use this


I had the same issue, but it was just wrong file presentation on startup page (probably because of changes in working folders). All up to date files were intact in the same folder I just had to Open them again.