Look-up facility for customerpayments

@ Lubos
I use Manager, among others, to do the financial administration for a theatre-choir. We send four-times a year contribution-invoices to our members (about 60 people). So far so good. Now when it comes to payments of these invoices the following situations occur:

The member himself pays with the required references like CustomerName and InvoiceNumber. That’s great
But now when:
The member pays, but with no reference
The partner, with a different name pays, with a reference
The partner, with a different name, pays without a reference
Someone else pays the bill but states only the invoicenumber
It is paid from a businessaccount with or without a reference
Some members pay the quarterly invoice in monthly instalments

In Manager, the booking process of the payment is: 1 Customers 2. CustomerName 3 Invoicenumber
Is there a chance that you create multiple access (various ways) for the booking also showing the amounts due for every single invoice in a way that it shows Manager shows me the invoices that meet the criteria I entered and that I can pick the right one
This would increase productivity drastically. Now I have to switch from screen to screen to retrieve the required details to book the customer payment.

Looking forward to your respnse

Hennie Eerhart.

Have you tried using the existing “Search” facility that’s available on both the Customers and Sales Invoices screens?

Those that provide at least an Invoice Number or correct Customer name shouldn’t be a problem.

Alternately, a bit of education with the Invoice in BOLD type.
Bank transfers received without Invoice Number reference will cause the updating of your account to be delayed - or something more direct in Dutch.

Yes I know these search facilities. What I want is that I can search when I book the payment. I prefer not to switch screens to first find the right invoice, write down the relevant information and then switch back to the screen where I can enter the payment. When I have the invoice number, but not the customer name, I can’t book the payment. I first have to find the customersname.before I can go any further. That takes a lot of time and is not productive and not an efficient workflow.

I was already typing this response when @Brucanna replied, but I’ll send it anyway.

I think all your search desires can be handled on the Sales Invoices register. Just use sort and search functions:

  1. The member pays, but with no reference–Search on customer name. All invoices will appear, with status. Hopefully only one is unpaid, but if more, select which you will apply the payment to.
  2. The partner, with a different name pays, with a reference–Search on reference number. Only one invoice appears.
  3. The partner, with a different name, pays without a reference–Search on balance due. Several may appear. Start phoning those that are unpaid. (This is the most work, and nothing in Manager can resolve a blind receipt.)
  4. Someone else pays the bill but states only the invoice number–This is the same as #2. Only one appears.
  5. It is paid from a businessaccount with or without a reference–This is the same as #2 or #3.
  6. Some members pay the quarterly invoice in monthly instalments–No different from above situations. But when you enter the receipt, only enter the amount paid. Invoice will show remaining balance due.

After locating the proper invoice, it is probably easier to View the sales invoice rather than go back to the Customers tab. Click Receive money and you are almost done. If the payment is only for a month, edit the amount before creating the receipt.

You don’t need to do this manual writing down, when you find the right invoice - click View, then click Receive Money

@ Brucanna and @Tut
I know the possibilities you describe in your answer, but what to do when I have entered my banktranstions with a QIF file.
I then don’t have a printed bankstatement, I have a screen with the uncleared transactions and when I then want to allocate the individual transactions, I’m in the screen where I need to have all required information at hand.

Ahhhhhh…that is one reason I don’t import my bank statements. It seems to make more work than it saves. But I am sure that depends on the transaction make-up of your business. I would guess that for the number of members you mention and the rate at which they probably come in, manual entry might be easier, if for no other reason than the search options.

Can’t you also view/download a pdf of the statement. For situations like this I open a pdf of the statement (either downloaded or within online banking) and then just switch between viewing the pdf statement and the screen of uncleared transactions - and leave the ink in the pen.

Hence the need to put a Warning (oops education) on the invoice then there is a better chance that the information will get on to the statement.

Disclosure: Huge supporter of imported bank statements and bank rules - reduces one and half days of inputting to a copy of hours.