Logo opacity function dose not work in Generated PDF

As topic mentioned, Opacity Function dose not work in Manager Themes generated PDF. So how can we use transparency function in generated PDF?

In Manager Its display Transparency/Opacity Function worked, But when we converts it Into PDF it Dose not work(Its generated Darker Image). I want to use Logo Image At the center in Page with transparency/opacity function.
(Just for INFO:- Same time I can generated correct Opacity/Transparency Logo in PDF by “View Templates” but same opacity function dose not work in Generated PDF by Themes.)

So Please provide solution or any CODE String from which I can generate LOGO with Opacity function by themes.

Opacity is not currently supported. As a workaround, you could modify image in some image editor to achieve desired effect.

I’m looking to support more of a HTML subset when generating PDFs. Right now, the subset is quite limited.

View Templates have been depreciated because they were depending on online web-service for PDF generation. New PDF generator works offline which is faster and more secure.