Log In under different profile on a MAC

I have set up 2 business. I have made my husband an equal administrator.
I have logged myself out.
Logged into my Husbands profile on our MAC.
Unable to bring up URL www.kororan.manager.io

What am I doing wrong???

If you are referring to user profiles in MAC, make sure you had installed Manager for all users.
Any application put into the Applications folder at the top level of the drive is usable by all accounts. In some cases, it may need to have registration details reentered when run from an administrator account.

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Thank you - I was sooo close :slight_smile:

All fixed now.

The URL should not have “www” in it. The subdomain is “kororan” only.

Log in here: https://kororan.manager.io/

Having problems again. I am unable to get URL to work again when signed into my Husbands profile…error message is that my free trail has ended and I need to pay for a subscription. I only downloaded the ‘free’ desktop version.


You have probably been running the server edition, which was included in the desktop bundle. The desktop edition does not allow separate users to be created. Since you are using a Mac, did you follow the installation instructions exactly: Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager.

If you are accessing it using a URL at kororan.manager.io then you are using the Cloud Edition. This is a paid version.

It sounds like you have been using Cloud Edition the whole time.

Download the Desktop Edition from here: Download | Manager … You will need to import a backup of your existing accounting file after you have installed it.

If you don’t have a backup of your accounting file, the only way to get it would be to pay for the Cloud Edition for the first month… then make a backup as per the instructions in this guide. You only need to pay if you don’t already have a backup.

Then run the Desktop Edition (it is an application on your computer … you do not use your web browser to access it), and import your backup using the “Restoring from backup” in the same guide I linked to above.

Once you have it up and running on your desktop edition, you can safely cancel your Cloud Edition subscription if you signed up to it … because you don’t need it any more. That way you won’t be charged again next month.

Please ask here if you have any questions about this - we’ll do our best to help.