Localizations for Yemen

its possible to add Yemen in Localizations

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Localizations begin with country-specific tax codes. Can you furnish links to official documentation about any in Yemen?

thanks for your response, i need to check with the authorities, meanwhile also will share links they may help

please check this link if help

Official link, please, not a commercial web site.

do you mean offical website for the authorities ? find below its in Arabic

this is all we have as a refrence

It looks like 5% and 10% VAT rates would be a beginning, correct?

5% and 10% this for costume duty, for sale tax 7% of the invoice total amount, so in localizations all in need in 7% sale tax if possible
i will provide more details on the sale taxs by Sunday

I apologize. Information is conflicting and translations are not always reliable. After further research, it appears Yemen has no VAT. Manager’s built-in tax scheme is designed around offsetting taxes like VAT that are applied when buying and selling. Localizations will download necessary tax codes for a country. For places where sales taxes are in use, you need to create your own custom tax codes. These are applied on sales only.

So no localization for Yemen is likely.


Have a look at Localisation: GST/VAT worksheet programming guide They are actually much easier to write than a custom theme but a bit harder than a custom report.

You may find it useful if you currently need to extract a few numbers from the tax summary report or do calculations on the numbers prior to submitting to your tax authority. If you get it working other users in your country may well appreciate you sharing it.

many thanks for your advice