Where is UAE, localization settings

Where is UAE, localization settings
in new version you have add few country but there is not showing UAE before was available UAE localization settings and also have import option but now only for few other countries we can import localization settings why???

As far as I know, importing localizations depends on the language you use in Manager. I use the Dutch language, so I can import the Dutch localizations. If I set Manager to use the English language, I can choose between

Hope info this helps. I cannot not read Arabic, which is maybe the language used in UAE.

Sir soudia Arabia is also Arabic country but soudia is showing here

See picture to choose for the language Arabic.
After you have chosen for the language Arabic, can you then choose for the UAE localizations?

After selecting arabic language showing nothing to import in this language


Implementation of the new localization scheme is not complete. Were there previously any localization options for UAE besides tax codes? Tax codes can be created independently. The only need for program-created tax codes is when they are used in a report transformation. If I recall correctly, there were no report transformations for UAE.

Dear Respected Sir,

Hope you doing well, i really appreciate for your response if you will add UAE localization setting it will be very helpful,
One by one generated Tax code is little difficult and wasted much time.
I hope you will fix this soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards

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