New VAT invoice KSA

Could you designing inbuilt theme for KSA VAT invoice format.

For more information please find below the link…

Please don’t post general questions as private messages. I have made your request public.

That said, you can accomplish all you need without a custom theme. Enable the appropriate tax codes: Enter VAT registrations numbers in Business Details under Settings: The date of supply is considered to be the date of the invoice in most cases. If you need line by line dates, use a line-item custom field:

Themes are intended to vary the overall look of documents, not customize them for content.

thanks for your reply , How do I add a column for vat which will calculate the vat amount automatically for each item ? as per Saudi law it is needed.

If you read the law, I believe you will discover that each line item must specify the tax rate applied, not show the tax amount. No other user from your country has had any problems with this.

The vat has been implemented in Saudi from Jan 1st and the submission will only start from next month. We have already communicated with officials and they have informed that we have to show the vat amount for each items . please check the link of the Saudi Govt.

Your latest link reveals:

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This is exactly how Manager (and most other accounting systems) works. The guidance does not state that tax must be displayed for each item level, only calculated that way.

Also, look a little deeper. The first link you provided in this thread provides this information on invoice content:

The relevant requirements are:

  • Taxable amount per rate (not per line) or exemption, which Manager displays in the totals section. This allows for different rates to be applied on different lines.
  • Unit price exclusive of VAT, which Manager includes
  • Rate of Tax applied, which is shown on every line by Manager
  • Tax amount payable, included in the totals section

The GAZT did not write the new tax regulations in a vacuum. They match what is being done throughout the GCC region. And the procedures and requirements are virtually identical to those in about 180 countries around the world. Nothing new was invented.

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Thanks for your quick response and support. anyway we will get back to you after submission.