Localization and extra fields in Fixed Assets

Is there a (Dutch) user who can tell me how to use the fields in Fixed Assets?
These fields appear on the Fixed Assets tab when Localization - Dutch is chosen under Business Details in Settings.

Pretty sure these custom fields are not meant to be there as they are not used by anything. I’ve removed them from localization so the next version won’t contain them.

That is clear.
It is a pity because based on the [Depreciation method] field, which contained the [Linear] option, I had hoped that this option would be usable.

Depreciation method as a built-in feature is coming. This is not something that can be handled by localization anyway.


Good to know, great!

@lubos, @ries, I know where these fields originated. They were taken from an example in the Guide about expensing fixed assets: Expense fixed assets | Manager. They should never have been in a localization. They are not specific to any jurisdiction. They are only examples of the fields you might want to add to record additional information in support of non-standard accounting approaches.

Thanks @Tut, I have now created the fields as Custom Fields under Fixed Assets.
That at least provides more info regarding the fixed assets.

I agree they are useful information, @ries. You just need to understand they have no accounting function within the software.