Linked values not copied properly using Copy to Clipboard

Hi everyone,
we have seen Copy to Clipboard error when pasted to excel Spreadsheet from Customers tab. When pasted into Excel, all other columns appear as normal except “Accounts Receivable” monitory column which appear like: USD 100.00.
Does anyone have any idea with regard to fixing this case

First, why do you think this is an error?

Second, your screen shots do not illustrate what you mentioned.

I can confirm this behavior.

I’m putting this in bugs.

Cloud version. If I go to “inventory items” and “copy to clipboard” and then paste into a google sheet for “Qty to receive”, “Qty on hand”, “Qty to deliver”, “Qty owned” and “Total cost” I get an HTML code like “<a href=”/inventory-item-qty-to-deliver?ChIJKePiHZcnB08RroI5-".

Is this a bug?

We use information on the inventory items page together with vlookup formulas to assist us in various tasks and this messes that up. I can copy it by marking it, but it would be great if this could be fixed.

Or perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

Your topic has been moved to this bug report since it was unrelated to the OP.

The terminology used whether Error , Bug or anything similar does not matter to the case at hand. I highlighted how this affects across most Tabs - Suppliers, Customers and so on - I tested this.

There is an other Bug-appearing case which changed the way we used to see Inventory Qty at different Sites - E.g. when we click an inventory item “Qty Owned”, we used to see Qty balance at different Inventory Locations, but nowadays, when we click the Qty, we see the item History only.

Whether or not you tested something does not matter, @Burhania. Moderators will move topics to the bugs category only when they can replicate the behavior. In your case, your screen shots did not demonstrate the behavior you described. Another moderator, @Ealfardan, went above and beyond his responsibilities and was able to figure out what you meant, but you cannot depend on that.

Then start a new topic or join the other ongoing discussion of the issue in another forum topic. I can guarantee this unrelated issue will receive little attention when buried in another topic.

Fixed in the latest version (

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