Lining up received money in bank with specific invoices

I’m not sure how to describe this as I am way off being an accountant!

I had a number of outstanding sales invoices on a customer. He then BACS me an amount which pays off certain invoices. So I now have a single lump sum in the bank account.He’s told me which invoices it relates to so that’s not the problem. The problem is that when I go through each invoice and click receive money it will record it in the bank account as single items which is out of kilter with the single transaction that actually appears in the bank.What’s the best way of lumping all these invoices into a single amount and then recording that in the bank so I can tell, at audit time, what invoices that amount relates to?


See the Guide at and read the section that begins “Or allocate received money against specific sales invoice.” Your answer is there.


Thank you Jon. That is fantastic. I think my problem was in not knowing what I was asking for. Many thanks