Liabilities movement for employees

I have a misunderstanding when moving forward with a business.
my last year started from 01/01/2020 and ended 31/12/2020, I locked all transactions from 31/12/2020 backward and set manager program to start at 01/01/2021, everything was well, expense and income accounts became 0 but in liability there were some amount that I did not pay to my employee. the amounts were in employee clearing account, employee tax, social funds contributions, these amounts moved in this current year, (these amount are deducted from employee salary)

Now I want to use this year income to pay the last year debt, eg. in social funds contributions from liability account. The money i use to pay its from this year that have its own reports and everything, when I pay in this year it reduces the debts from the last year correctly BUT how can I track the expenses of this year that I used to pay the last year debts or which report will show this year income that is used to clear employment clearance amount for the last year. From my thought: I should have the expense account that will show the amount used to pay the last year debt.

You should not have reset the start date.

The Start Date is used when entering the balance sheet if you are taking on accounts from a previous accounting system

To start a new year in Manager, you just edit the Summary settings to display the new period.

@Hosea_Leonard, are you actually referring to changing the start date? Or did you just mean you reset the reporting period as @Joe91 instructed?

Depending on what you mean, you may only be referring to the differences between accrual and cash basis accounting.