Reset Cash & Bank for new year

Hello and happy new year!

I started using manager at 1-1-2015 i have everything in order except the money i took as profit from bank accounts and cash (yes i sepnd them all! and i have never putted me as an expense there…) so now i want to have a clean new start in 2016 and i was wonder how is it possible to “reset” bank & cash accounts. If i use start date from settings i get a “wrong” report when i go to customers (i get everyone without anything to have to pay to me) also i cant reset bank account even with start date too.

So is there any solution to “zero” bank and cash account or should i just put a massive payment from alla accounts to me as a whole years expense so my accounts are normal to 0?

You raise several points that must be addressed:

  1. Bank and cash accounts are asset accounts, which are so-called permanent or perpetual accounts. You never should zero them out unless you literally withdraw all the money from them. You do not begin anew at the beginning of a new accounting year.

  2. Start date in Manager refers only to the date you begin using it to record your transactions. It has several purposes. The primary one is so you an set opening balances on accounts when you transition an existing company from some other accounting system to Manager. It has nothing to do with starting a new accounting year.

  3. Money you withdraw from the company must be properly accounted for as a withdrawal of capital. You do this within the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs using Spend Money and allocating the transaction to an equity account. Exactly which equity account depends on your form of organization and chart of accounts. To learn more about owner’s equity and capital accounts I recommend starting with this topic:

Yes i understand your point.

The thing is that all my accounts for this business are “set” to 0 (i have pay all my expenses and my total sum is honestly 0) so i will “pay” myself through bank and cash as an expense and i will have all again back to 0 as i want.

Its complicated as i think of it and my english doesnt help me so i think i figured it out.
(also i met another “problem” since i want to “reset” back to zero all my summary page so i begin to add journal entries both to “reset” Expense claims and other stuff i didnt before)

The main thing i want to do is keep the history of 2015 for customers and suppliers and all the invoices and make a “new” start for 2016.

You helped me with other post i just read in other topic!

so i think i will make it correct.

Thank you!

I did it! thank to @Tut
but how can i "reset: Equity (Capital Accounts - Retained earnings - Suspense) ??

Through Journal Entries too?

You cannot and should not. Those are permanent accounts.

Capital accounts and Retained earnings are reduced when profits are withdrawn as I previously described.

Suspense account is where Manager puts incorrectly entered transactions. Generally, transactions are reported there when debits do not equal credits on a transaction. Learn first about double-entry accounting. Then use Manager.

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