Ledger for total expense?

  1. How to make ledger for total expense not by account? The result is zero when we make it from report systems.

You need to furnish much more detailed information. Your question is not understandable.

I mean when i use report and want to make expense report for general expenses not by item or account cannot do that .
is that different than expense claim summery ?

Your question is still not understandable. What report are you referring to? What do you mean by total expense?

let’s say how to make monthly expense Report !?

P & L with the dates From / To as required?

It is not clear what exactly you are looking for - totals, details, …

@livingstones, please do not trickle information to us. If you are trying to create a report of some kind, tell us exactly what you want the report to include and display. If you are not confident writing in English, write in your preferred language and use translation software.