General leder report

Is it possible to have a report that summarizes the general ledger under the group codes totaling the l ledger transaction

Does the General Ledger Summary not meet your needs? It organizes accounts by group. Or are you wanting subtotals for the groups? If that is what you want, you will have to copy the report to the clipboard and manipulate the data in a spreadsheet.

Group information is not exposed for custom reports, either.

Depending on what you mean by “summarizes,” both the Profit and Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet reports provide group totals for the defined date or date range.

Hi Tut

Thx for your prompt response

Summarises is meant to be able to only print out a summary of the gl accounts from the P&L

To manipulate it via a spreadsheet is quit time consuming since the individual gl totals and the group totals are in the same column If it was in two counms it would have easy

What might work is when editing the P&L to be able to choose the complete P&L or the groups only


I do not understand your issue. You say that summarizes means to obtain a summary of the accounts from the profit and loss statement. That report already includes group totals. So what exactly is it that you want that you cannot get from either the general ledger summary or the profit and loss statement?