General Ledger, Showing Remaining Amount

when i am trying to make the report of general ledger , receipts or any thing i always get the amount which are remaining, i want to see the amount which i have used

You have already posted this question three times. We are trying to help you but we need some more informations. Your question is not clear under an accountant point of view

please help me how can i get more information . let me do something
for example
i have add 5000 for receipts now in my account their is 5000
now as on payment
i am adding 50 for travel, 100 for entertainment, 100 for repair and 300 for food
so in total it became 550 and in report it have to show the remaining balance like 4450 in total and expense in 550 but it showing 4450 in total and in expense its also showing the same not the expense which we have done

Your question has already been answered several times. I am closing this topic. If you keep asking the same question, you will be suspended from the forum.