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My version is 17.9.22. I don;t have any of the new sub tabs. Uninstalled and reinstalled program.
Under the Bank tab, I have added a bank ASB. All receipts go there. The tab shows the funds in the bank. The Summary and balance sheet show these funds as being in a Cash At Bank category. Why?? Thanks Wayne

You need to use the “Customize” link:

23 PM

Then enable the options that you want:

43 PM

More information: Customize a business | Manager

Thanks Shane,

2 years using manager. Love it. I have always had customise selections of:
summary, bank accounts, bank transactions, customers, sales.inv, credit
notes, purchase invoices, journal entries, emails, reports and settings. Am
I missing something. Don’t get any of the new tabs. Can I send screenshots
to you.

The new ones are:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Bank Transactions
  • Cash Accounts
  • Cash Transactions
  • Inter Account Transfers

Double-check that you do not see these.

Previously, the functionality for all five of these was contained within a single tab. I think it was called “Money Accounts” or something similar before the update, and it handled both Bank + Cash.

Feel free to add screenshots in a reply.

Version 17.9.22 downloaded today, 5 Sep

A few for you to ponder. I don’t use Cash accounts and all goes into ASB
bank. Can’t find reconcile anywhere under any report and sub tabs.

Nothing under ASB Current Account. All payments received allocated to ASB

Receipts tab

Nothing in ASB account

Reports tab

Bank accounts tab

Bank transaction tab

Customise tab

​Thanks for all the help so far.


Your ASB Current Account is a self created account - did you make it a control account ?
If yes, then you haven’t allocated Current Account ASB to that control account.

If you only have one bank account, then the simpler option is to go to Setting - Chart of Accounts and click Edit next to CASH AT BANK and rename it to what ever you want.

Then you can delete the ASB Current Account account


Found the reconcile. The bank tab showed NEVER under the reconcile
column. I clicked on that and brought up Reconcile.
I agree with the majority of those on the forum that this option should be
in a clear space somewhere. A sub tab under bank would be far better.


@apples - please don’t post private information such as phone numbers.

Also, your Drawing account should be under Equity not Assets in the Balance Sheet.

Sounds easy. What about the thousands of dollars in the.ASB current
account. Why don’t I have all the latest tabs in the latest version. I
Update regularly and did so today.

According to your screenshots the “Chart of Account” ASB Current Account has a zero balance.
However the Bank Accounts tab sub-account “Current Account ASB” has 75,397.50 and this is shown in the Balance Sheet under CASH AT BANK.

Currently you are using two very similar titles - Current Account ASB & ASB Current Account - perhaps if you completely change the name of one of them, then it will be clearer on the forum which one you are referring to.

When you ticked the Cash tabs, did you scroll to the bottom and click “Update” ?

Reconcile is now located on the Bank Accounts tab. Look for the far right column when viewing the list.

An example of a cash account would be petty cash / cash on hand. If you never buy anything for your business using physical cash, it should be OK to hide that tab. You can always enable it again later if you decide that you do need cash accounts.

Sorry, replying by email I hadn’t seen your replies.

Ignore my last post :slight_smile: Good to hear you found what you needed.

Cash at bank is the default control account for all bank accounts, so they are summarized there on the Summary page. Any account in the former Cash Accounts tab (when all were combined in one tab) that was marked as being maintained by a financial institution was automatically moved to the Bank Accounts tab and is reported under Cash at bank/

This cannot be true. Quite a while ago, there were previously separate tabs for Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts, so it is possible you had the first, though your forum joining date suggests not. But Bank Transactions did not exist until August 30, 2017. If you previously had any transactions to an account maintained by a financial institution, Bank Transactions was automatically activated for you. If that did not happen, it means the account was not marked correctly and was being treated as a cash account. In that case, the Cash Transactions should have been activated. There is currently no way to rectify that problem without removing all transactions, substituting a correctly defined bank account, and re-entering all those transactions. But a conversion process has been promised.

See this recently updated Guide: Reconcile bank accounts | Manager

Thanks Tut
I meant that I had activated the cash transactions when I found it listed
on my latest update.
Did a workaround on the ASB problem. Renamed cash at Bank ASB Current
account and renamed the old ASB account .

Found reconcile yesterday at the far right of the bank account and it had
NEVER on it. I clicked on that and up came the reconciliation option.

Been reconciling my and my clients account programs since 1984 and it is
extremely valuable. If you can show your accountant a printed
reconciliation every month, your battles and costs with the accountant are
vastly improved. Love to see it as a sub tab under Bank Account.

Any chance of picking and choosing columns of contact data for various
reports. The cell phone number is now far more important than a fixed-line
phone. Couldn’t find how to print a Customer contact list showing all the
data for each customer. Perhaps I will have a go at Custom Reports??

I have removed your personal information. Please keep it off the forum in the future.

I prefer the original layout over the recently introduced new tabs layout. I have the prior version of the program and a backup of the database immediately prior to first running the new version. Where do I put the database backup in order for it to be opened by the prior version? Somewhere in my data folder I assume but which file? Sure would be nice if the files in there had a real world name instead of a cryptic string of numbers.


Before you can do what you describe, you must remove any data file that has been opened by the new program version. Identify it (or them) by opening the new program. See this Guide: Manage application data folder contents | Manager. Then open the old program and use the Add Business button to import the backup from wherever it is. It will be copied in the same application data folder where you just removed the newer version of the data file.

I strongly discourage you from doing this. You will fall further and further behind as the program is updated and there will be no support.

Thanks for the info. I ended up restoring all files in my data folder from a Time Machine backup, easier.

I understand the implications of going back to a prior version but honestly the new tab layout and logic behind it makes no sense to me for the way I use Manager. As far as I can tell,the layout was changed for consistency (it isn’t), transaction counts (I never look at them), and new user confusion (I never had any), and to be honest the new layout is much more open to confusion than the old one.

If at some point more enhancements are made that I care about, I will probably upgrade and handle the tab layout but for now, the prior version works just fine for the way I use Manager and is much easier to use.

@apples - I think the issue with personal info is that your email client is automatically appending your name and phone number when you reply via email. Perhaps there is a way for you to disable this?

I also prefer the previous layout for a number of reasons, however I can see the reasons behind why it was changed as well, and I’m sure I’ll adjust to the new workflow in time.