Last Updated column for transactions

@lubos i would request you to add a Last Updated column to all transactions for every tab.
the column would automatically show the date and time when the transaction was last edited.

it would be an additional bonus to users if while editing a transaction there was a field to enter the reason for the edit as well and preventing user to update without providing a reason. this field would appear only when updating a transaction and not during initial creation.

this would also help in improving the audit trail feature which you are already planning to improve.

My opinion is that this would add a great deal of screen clutter and complexity, as well as imposing unwelcome control over workflow by the program.

that is obvious for any feature addition to the program. while users do complain about the ever increasing number of tabs being added for every new feature, no one has suggested the feature is unnecessary and should be removed other than requesting it to be better organized.

it does not take much time for a user who do not wish for a detailed trail later to enter “NA” in the suggested field for edit reason.

Or maybe the initial suggestion can be added as the result of enabling Audit Trail under Settings. similar to various columns in Inventory Items appearing as a result of enabling Delivery Notes or Goods Receipts. so users who do not need an audit trail will not see the column appearing nor will they have the burden of unwelcome control over workflow. i leave it to @lubos for more practical approaches.

@Tut in case there is a misunderstanding, i did not suggest the reason entered to appear as a column. that would appear in the audit trail. the Last Updated column will only show the date and time.

I would prefer not, this would be a step backwards for me.

I’m not convinced I would get much benefit from that column, and given the screen real estate limitations I’m not convinced it would result in a net improvement for me.

The only function I could see it helping me with is to enable listing recent changes to a particular part of Manager. Maybe this will turn out to be the best way of accomplishing this, however I suspect it would be achieved more cleanly from within the audit trail user interface (search on a transaction type then sort by date). I will need to wait to see what Lubos implement.

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Added to the latest version (24.2.19)

This idea became viable when Edit Columns concept was added. So you can enable this column where it makes sense.

Or you might not enable it anywhere but use it in Advanced Search only. For example you could create a search that could produce records that have been last updated this financial year but belong to previous financial year.


That’s just one use-case. I’m sure there are more…