User Transactions Report

Is there any way user can generate reports of only his transactions so that he can do a daily call over.

If there’s none, can you help on how to create one or add it.

The Cloud and Server editions include an Audit Trail for you to view only.

This is currently not possible. Audit trail is quite limited in its current implementation but new version of audit trail will be able to filter by user and date so you will be able to get this data when implemented.


when can we expect this audit trail report?

I have only ever seen an anticipated release time for small changes and then only for very short term ie a few days.

So for a significant upgrade such as this, I would be very surprised if you got an answer other than

For a guess at time frame look at the dates in the related ideas threads

May I recommend that amount of transaction be included and printable so transactions of a particular user can be filtered for daily callover purpose.

Else, a column be added in General ledger transactions report to capture user for every transaction.

@Ahm, if you are referring to the audit trail, that is not meant to generate accounting reports. You could use tracking codes. Or, you could add a custom field to relevant transaction types and generate custom reports.