Add Date created/modified column in Transaction listing

Hello Admin
I would appreciate if a column for date created/modified for every transaction was added in all transaction listing. This would enable us to sort the transactions according to date created and thus easily find a particular transaction. This is not the same as transaction date. E.g. transaction created/modified 10/06/2019, Transaction date 30/04/2019.

Additionally, please make the Audit Trail transactions entries as hyperlink to take you to the particular transaction for viewing/editing.

Add your date created as a custom field to transaction forms, set to show as a column. See Use custom fields | Manager.

Be cautious, though. People will forget to enter—and especially to later modify—this field. So it will probably end up being of little use.

I am curious why you think it is easier to locate a transaction by the date you finally got around to entering it rather than the date it actually happened. The former relies on someone’s memory. The latter will be backed up by documentation, corresponding bank transactions, invoices, and so forth. You also have the search and sort functions, which are much more reliable than someone’s memory and more useful than the audit trail.

Thanks for your quick reply. I was thinking that the system can be programmed to auto populate that column for all transactions by default.

On my second earlier point, can the entries in Audit Trial be made hyperlinks, in that they are clickable to take you to the concerned transaction? This would surely not require much coding.

It is unlikely a feature like that with no accounting purpose would be added. Many users would find it very confusing. The program would make no use of such information. And many months ago, nonessential information like that was relegated to custom fields.

Thanks again. Again, have you addressed the issue of making the Audit Trial entries clickable? Would like to easily access specific transactions appearing there.

No, that is something for the developer to consider. I am a forum moderator, another user, and have nothing to do with software development.