Wishlist: Different start page / optional picture or logo

Would be practical to have the option for a different start page or logo when Manager software is started. This is especially useful when software is used in front of customers/clients or in a reception type of area where potentially someone could see the screen.
Don’t think it is appropriate for others to see summary page every time software is started.

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This has been discussed previously and is in the Ideas category: Custom logo on login screen - #22 by ShaneAU. Different users have different ideas about it. Depending on edition, a version of this is already possible. But you really have to think about where you would want this displayed. The Summary doesn’t show when you launch the application, the Businesses page does on the desktop edition. Or the login screen shows on server or cloud editions. And you need access to things just to get started.

Maybe a quick-interval screen saver is what you really need.

Probably should also look at

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, the desktop version does start with the Businesses page but from there once clicked on the business it will straight away show the summary page. As mentioned by [GrahamvdR] in his post a simple logo, plain screen or might I suggest simply starting on the settings screen would do the trick. Anything that allows you to proceed without giving away sensitive business information.
I had it twice just within the last 6 weeks that a customer looked over my shoulder whilst starting the software and hence able to see various information I much rather not disclose.
…Something like attached screenshot would do. In that why it is possible to start working with whatever tap without exposing financial information.

My personal opinion is that a splash screen is pointless. At some point, you need to get to screens with actual financial information. If there is risk of customers looking over your shoulder, a splash screen adds an extra step but only delays the inevitable.

No, the point is you are not “forced” to expose your financial details. You can avoid exposing any details unless you want / need to at a that particular time.
I work in the service industry / trade services and visit a number of customers every day. Been doing in house invoicing for almost 20 years now. All I need during the day in regards to accounting matters is to issue invoices and perhaps check on stock levels. Everything else is done in the office after appointments have been completed. It is only in the office that I need to access more sensitive information.
In regards to screen saver: This is not really practical as most only start to work after 1 minute. I am also using my laptop computer for diagnostic and other purposes whilst with a customer. This requires me to see the screen frequently.
With a logo / splash screen I can switch access to accounting information on / off as required, allowing me to be in control and not someone else looking at my screen.

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Which version of Manager do you use? We use server version and just bookmark the Orders page and Invoices page. So long as you are signed in, you can get there from any screen. Your process would be
Sign in (and land on the businesses page)
Click the bookmarked button to jump directly to the page you need.

I do not believe this is possible in the desktop version.

EDIT: You could also create a separate user in the server or cloud versions that doesn’t have access to the sensitive parts. My receptionists login only let’s her see orders, invoices and her dedicated petty cash box cash account.

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I am using the desktop version. - Hence unable to to use sign on work around.

You can still use something similar

  • The desktop equivalent to login in to the server is to start the desktop version running.
  • You can then open a Manager window in another web browser and save the link. See Windows or Mac method
  • Minimise the manager window and use the web browser window
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Thanks Patch.
Good call. That certainly is a way around it. Will try it.

→ Tried it, but not working in the way I use my laptop: In between customers the laptop is set to sleep in order to preserve battery power. When using laptop again the network connection has reset. This brings up a “Unable to connect” message in the browser. I will then have to go through the whole start procedure again in order to set up a page in a browser as Patch has described.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Looks like I have to put up with the system as is.

Looks like Manager desktop uses a different random port each time it starts (visible in the address bar when accessing Manager through a web browser) eg
where 54274 is the port number used when running Manager this time.
and 14e111ef-dcb5-4a33-9029-12147b983a19 is the FileID of “Northwind”

On my Windows 7 Laptop I can

  • Start Manager
  • Open a Manager page in another web browser (eg firefox). Or better still open the working set of winidows in different tabs
  • Minimize Managers normal window (so only the web browser shows)
  • Put windows to sleep
  • Wake Windows and re login to my windows user account
  • Confirm Manager is still using the same port and web browser tabs still work as desired

Hopefully this works for you. Unfortunately bookmarks wont work as a dynamic port is used.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me.
I am using a Linux Version and also a VPN for my network connection. Appears because of both resetting port settings it will disconnect via web browser and whole thing has to be started from scratch.
Also did notice the dynamic port as well and the lack of ability to bookmark the whole thing.

Actually just had another idea which might benefit other users too:
Rather than having a dedicated Logo or Start Screen, if the order of tabs could be changed (just by drag and drop) then whichever tab is on the very top could become the landing / start screen.
This would allow for every user to set the landing screen to the most used / preferred screen. Also handy for those who have part time staff not familiar with this software and only using it infrequent.

Thinking about it, this is clearly the best solution. That way when doing customer facing work, the customer won’t be accidentally shown sensitive information.

All other solutions involve the user being at and being carefully to remain at safe screens. Which isn’t going to be achieved all of the time.

Thanks, it has been suggested before.
However, as I am using the desktop version this is not an option.
Thanks anyway.