Keep track of purchases per sales-order for subsequent calculation

Hi, i want to be able to add a number or so to a item (line) on purchase invoices so i can filter all the costs for an particular sales-order, for subsequent calculation, at once. Is this possible or what is the “best” way to do this.

Your goal is not clear. Are you trying to keep track of when you have purchased a specific line item from a sales order? For example, a customer orders 10 of Item A and 20 of Item B, and you want to be able to look somewhere to know whether ltems A and B have been purchased?

If that is your goal, I don’t know of any way to do that. Sales orders are not financial transactions in Manager. They do not obligate inventory. And the program does not track their fulfillment status. They are really just shortcuts for recording orders from customers so they can be copied to other transaction forms later.

If you are trying to associate costs of various types with a sales order, trying tracking codes.

Hi Tut, i meant the latter. I will give tracking codes a try, thanks.