Track inventory using Tracking Code

As I have a wholesale clothing shop so i have almost 800 inventory items till today.I want to track my inventory using tracking code.
Example: I want to track that howmany LAWN suits i have purchased/manufactured in year 2019 so that i may know total suits purchased/manufactured in 2019.

If there is another way then plz let me know.thanks

It is not clear exactly why you want to do this. Tracking codes can be selected for inventory items. (The tracking codes must be established first.) But tracking codes apply only to income and expense accounts, and Inventory on hand is a balance sheet account.

A much better and easier way to track purchased and produced quantities is with the Inventory Quantity Movement report in the Reports tab. Set the date range from January 1st until December 31st, and the report will always be current.

You cannot use tracking codes for balance sheet. Maybe you can reach your goal with custom fields and custom reports.

He probably wants to group inventory items by categories.

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