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Dear Friends,

I am new to Manager and trying to set-up the software for my ecommerce marketplace business. Currently, I am selling ~30 different items/ SKUs and I have created them under inventory items and have recorded their purchase cost via purchase invoice. Now, as and when I sell these SKUs on marketplace such as Amazon, I get a report indicating per order per item/SKU information of sales price, marketplace cost (deliver cost, storage cost etc.). I want to track these market place costs on per SKU basis so at the end of a month or year I can see profitability of each SKU (Sales price - COGS - marketplace costs).

Could someone please help me understand how to set-up such per order per item/SKU base expenses in Manager.

Thank you!

Have you searched the Guides for Inventory items?

Hi Mark, Yes, I have looked it but unfortunately unable to figure out.

Tracking things in Manager is simple if you know how to be a little creative with the tools available

You can set up expense accounts for the SKUs and keep them in a group (‘Marketplace Costs’) to record expenses for these Items. At the end of the period, you can generate the sales report for your items and compare them to the total expenses recorded.


You can also use ‘Divisions’ if you don’t already have use for them.

You can also use Projects if you don’t have use for them.

You can also use Custom Fields and create reports with them using Custom Reports

You can also just post payments for these related costs to Inventory on hand > Inventory item. They will be included in the average cost of the inventory item. But you would not then be able to see their separate costs segregated by inventory item. See Add freight-in to inventory item costs | Manager.

Thanks Abeiku. I will try that way. Just that each expense line item will have as many numbers of sub accounts as many SKUs I am selling. But, yeah, it does solve the purpose. Thanks much for your input.

Hi Tut - yes, I tried adding it to inventory on hand, but could not see expenses by different line items and so skipped that. Thanks much as always for your inputs :slight_smile:

Check with your accountant as well; some expenses cannot be added to inventory.

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