Journals with Cash accounts

Dear developers,

Could you please make it possible to make journal entries for cash accounts? It would save a little time when making some journal transactions, for example, payroll - with single journal entry accrual and paid out, loan repayments - with single journal entry accrual and paid out. Now I need to do single transaction in Journal’s department, then I need to go and pay out the amounts (which I need to print on page or remember, doing this I can make mistakes).

Thank you.

You can’t have Journal Entries within Cash Accounts as Journals don’t move money.
Your bank only knows about receipts & payments, which moves money in and out of the bank account.

You should activate the Cash Accounts tab and process through there.

You should a) never do single entries and b) only use Journals on odd occasions for adjustments.

For payroll, you should activate the Employee & Payslips tabs and use them appropriately.

Yes, I know, how to do this, but I said what WOULD be more convenient and less error prone way of doing things and my arguments are in my post

The ability to perform cash transactions via journal entries was removed specifically because too many users had trouble identifying which accounts to debit and credit. By restricting cash transactions to the Cash Accounts tab, Manager can decide based on context.

That is argument, but still I miss that functinality.

By processing the transaction the correct way eliminates errors, using Journals is not the correct way - so you will get your errors,

Instead of doing your incorrect Journal & payout (which is two actions), just do the payout (one action) under cash accounts - then there can’t be any errors.

But your arguments are flawed, because you “shouldn’t” be using Journals as you described, to be doing so means you that you aren’t understanding accounting or the software.

If you were creating the correct transaction in the beginning, then there would be no need to make Journals so there would be no time to be saved. Its your usage/creation of Journals which is causing the waste of time.

This creates an account called Suspense to occur under BS Equity, how do you propose fixing that balance which is an error to have…