Journal Entry does not show Customer and Supplier Name

How to view Customer and Supplier name in the Journal Entry for easy understanding?

I’d frankly be more concerned by your unbalanced journal entry. I hope this isn’t a real-world example, is it?

No it is not. :sweat_smile:
Look at narration : Its Test Entry:sunglasses:

Right now, journal entry view won’t show sub-account names. This is something I plan to fix.

Until this is changed, you can enter that information in the Narration, or overwrite the Description fields.

we got the same issue and waiting for your immediate fix
(customer not showing in the dropdown list in journal Entry)

I have the same issue in the cloud version , bad moments from Manager. please we have a big problems now with our customers and suppliers. Awaiting your kind reply and immediate fix.

@AselaTech and @rabea, you are responding to a five-year-old, obsolete thread about a problem fixed years ago. I am closing this topic.